Thursday, February 18, 2010

Something sweet

So last year we had a super bowl party and we decided to serve different appetizers and bites of a variety of things. I made pot stickers, (will have to add that recipe at a later time) I had a bunch of left over wonton wrappers and wanted to make something sweet so I created these and they are yummy. Today going through my fridge hunting for something warm and sweet and there were the wonton wrappers calling to me. I can't think of a clever name though...

Wonton wrappers
Cream cheese
favorite type of jelly
oil for frying
cinnamon sugar
chocolate chips, melted

Take a wonton wrapper and spread a small dollop of cream cheese (about 1 T) in the middle. Then add about 2 tsp of your choice of Jelly, spread over cream cheese. Roll up like an egg roll, add a drop of water along the edge to seal it to itself. Drop in hot oil and fry till golden brown. Remove from oil and al;low to drain briefly, then toss in the cinnamon sugar. Drizzle with the melted chocolate chips and eat warm.


  1. sounds totally yummy to me! Don't the Chinese have something calle "dim sum"? You could call these "yum yum"...

  2. These were my favorite!! You could name them after me, and then everyone would be like, "ooh, I wonder who Heidi is. She must be someone super cool to have an awesome food named after her."

  3. HAHAHA!I actually thought about including your name in the title some where since you loved them so much and devoured them! I also thought of you as I made them. I miss you!

  4. Ryan & I tried these the other night with cream cheese and chunks of Snicker bars - yummy!!