Thursday, March 28, 2013

Porter Turns Six!

Holy cow when did time start flying by so quick? I can't believe he is six! Here he is with his Castle cake,

He loved it. Here are a few little things about our dear sweet Porter:
  • His current love is anything related to Lord of the Rings, Mid-evil times with knights and kings. Hence the castle cake.
  • He LOVES legos, he still talks about our trip to Colorado and how his Uncle Buddy let him play with his legos. On his Birthday he played with legos all day long and kept just saying this is so great.
  • He is extremely OCD he likes to have things his way and is very particular.
  • His favorite foods are anything breakfast and bread related.
  • He is our pickiest eater.
  • He is very athletic and is excited to get to play minor league Denver here in about a month.
  • He is very kind to others and is thriving very well in school
  • He loves to play with his siblings but also loves to play independently.
  • He is very artistic and creative. Most recently he built an entire castle city out of white printer paper.
  • He is so excited about learning how to read and is picking up on it really fast.
  • He has the sweetest smile.
  • He still suffers from headaches every once in awhile as a result from his surgery but other than that is doing great.
  • He is very proud of his scar.
We are so very blessed to have him in our family! We sure do love him!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Parker turns 5!!

My sweet mischeivous, sensitive boy Parker Glen Johnson turned five yesterday! It was a wonderful day celebrating my third born son. He woke up to us singing Happy Birthday to him, enjoyed a breakfast of chocolate chip cookies and played the morning away with his siblings. Once at school Mom and Dad Emery and Carter came and had Lunch with him for his Birthday. Later we did a craft together then he enjoyed the rest of the day at school. He brough volcano cupcakes to share with his class. They were a big hit. For his dinner he requested make your own pizzas. A favorite of my kids, and I love that they will actually eat it since they made it themselves. Once dinner was over we had family time and waited for friends to arrive to enjoy some cake. Then presents and cake time it was! Overall it was a wonderful day and we sure are happy to have him in our family! Here are some facts about Parker: And some pictures
 (Parker in his Ninja Turtle gear he got for his Birthday)
  • He loves all things Ninja turtle
  • He is starting to be a really good eater, trying everything and not complaining, His favorite foods are Chicken, pineapple, Bacon, pizza, noodles and pretty much anything with sugar in it.
  • He is our mischievous one, if it is quiet you need to go find out what Parker is getting into!
  • He is our sensitive one, he cries easily and gets emotional. But I think it is because his heart is so big!
(His cake, he requested a Volcano with dinosaurs, too bad you can't buy dry ice in this tiny town or his cake would have been SO much cooler)
  • He doesn't like water very much, but is getting much better and hopefully with swimming lessons this summer he will just get better!
  • He loves his brothers and sister, he is always telling them he loves them and giving them hugs and kisses.
  • He LOVES School, he is excited about starting Kindergarten in the fall, he is very smart and will do awesome in kindergarten. 

  • His favorite people are Mom of course! (yes I made it!) His buddy Riggs, and His teacher Tristy!
  • He bears his testimony every fast Sunday by himself, we've never gone up there with him and he always bears a wonderful and strong testimony.
  • He says he wants to be a Prophet when he gets older.


  • He is a wonderful listener, and tries really hard to be obedient.
  • He loves to smile,
  • He loves soccer and riding bikes 
Overall he is an AWESOME Son who we love so very much! Can't believe he is five! He and Porter are the same age for the next two weeks and I wouldn't have it any other way! We love you Buddy!