Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to My first Born

Holy cow when did you get to be so big! I can't believe he turned seven!!
He wanted a baseball cake, unfortunately he little brother Carter was really sick and I was up ALL night the night before, so the cake was definately NOT my best work... But he was happy and that is what mattered.

Facts about Denver:
  • He is the most kind and loving brother, he always shares so nicely with others without us even having to ask him to. He will always remember his siblings and bring them home things and share.
  • He has lost six teeth, the most recently on his birthday! so fun!
  • He loves ALL sports, currently his favorites are baseball and hockey. He is very athletic and is doing very well in swimming lessons.
  • He LOVES being a brother. He is always willing and wanting to help me and loves babies, he is always asking me when will I have another baby because Emery needs a sister or he could use another brother!
  • He is learning to read and is doing so well! He is very interested in learning and is excited about reading and being in the first grade next year.
  • He taught himself to ride a bike with out training wheels. One day he just all of the sudden could do it, we never once held the back of the seat and ran along side...sad I know.
  • He is very sensitive, he has a tender heart and really feels the pain of others.
  • He loves to watch movies and just hang out as a family.
  • His favorite foods are crab, sweet and sour chicken, chicken enchiladas, german pancakes and all things breakfast. He is getting to be quiet the eater and not picky, which I love! I'm scared for the up coming days where I'm sure he will eat us out of a home!
  • He is looking forward to being baptised in a year and is using this year to prepare(his words not mine!)
  • He loves to vacuum! Which works for me!
  • He likes to change his clothes...seriously he changes clothes a couple times each day which DRIVES ME NUTS! but man do we love him anyways!
We are so truely blessed to have him in our family, he is a wonderful example to his siblings and a helper to me! I love how he teaches me and how he loves completely! Happy Birthday Denver! We love you!!

He also got a pretty cool birthday gift of having a cousin born on the same day! He thinks it is pretty darn cool!