Thursday, May 31, 2012

Forest Waterfall Cake

So about a week ago I was asked to do some sketches for some cakes for an event here in town. The Forest Service was celebrating their 40th year of volunteers, so I drew up several sketches along with prices and they picked from them. They were on a budget so I was only gonna do one layer of cake on each teir rather than the normal two, which would be more on point for the servings they wanted and the price... however once I got making just wouldn't have looked right with only one layer of cake, so needless to say they got a steal. It was lots of work but lots of fun, however it was hard because I got sick along with the fun, My hands are raw from washing them so much! But it was worth it!

the front, everything is edible except the stump :) If I were to do anything differently I would listen to Darwin and do the fondant under the water fall blue rather than white as the "water" did kind of run off the edges and you could see the white underneath. over all it was a success!

The back side of the cake, I used a chocolate marshmellow fondnat recipe that I'd never worked with before and it cracked like crazy but I left it for this cake as it was rustic and dirt/bark like.

Now I'm going to bed!