Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well I've been a slacker lately...sorry. In all reality I really havne't been cooking that much, we are still working on left overs.. But I promise to post some new recipes soon.. perhaps with pictures. On a side note though, made my sister's chicken recipe(see below) and it is AMAZING and the kids loved it! For now while I'm lacking in recipes... I ask for your help. I met with a couple the other day who have asked me to do their wedding cake. I'm a bit scared and intrigued to do their cake... Not sure how I will blend the topper but this is the photo they gave me...
Their cake topper is very bridal and white and sparkly. It has lots of tulle and rhinestones, and the bride and groom are holding guns... They said they want James Bond meets Camo outdoors man...They want this cake just three teirs on pillars with large ediable branches in between so they can put fake deer on them... hmmmm... any ideas on how I can do this cake?


  1. Good Luck! I am glad that even tho Barry is an avid hunter, he isn't THAT gung-ho! I am sure that you are up to the challenge!

  2. Hmmm??? I say consult with your cousin Eric. He is very into decorating cakes lately and might have some good ideas or suggestions for you.

  3. How about a snow topped mountain to blend the topper and below the snow line add in the trees and branches and animals.