Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My one and only girl so far Emery Jade turned three yesterday! It seems like yesterday we were welcoming her into our home full of boys! Here are some fun facts about Emery:
  • She was born prematurally at 35 weeks, but went home with us right away, just had to be in a car bed cause she was so tiny!
  • She is GIRLY!! Which I completely encourage and love! We will see how long it lasts with all these boys!
  • She LOVES to eat, her favorites are noodles and chicken, corn and cheese. She is not picky and eats very well!
  • She loves babies and playing mommy.
  • She LOVES her "boys" she always is asking when her boys will be home, she loves her brothers and is so kind and loving to them.
  • She likes to think she is also the mom when it comes to her boys.
  • Most pictures of her have the freezed mid word of Cheese grin. As pictured below
  • If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she always replies a Mommy
  • She wants to go to Preschool SO bad, and she is ready!
  • She loves the Lion King and Mickey Mouse and all things princess.
  • Her favorite dress is the one my mom made her for Miranda's wedding because, one it is big like a princess dress and two because Grandma made it.
  • She is SO silly, she says the funniest things and does the cutest most silly things!
  • She sounds like a cartoon character. 
one year old
And now three...freeze cheese grin!
And finally a pretty one. We are so very blessed to have this beautiful daughter in our home. She lights up our home. We are so proud of her and happy for her third Birthday! We love you Emery girl!

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  1. Love the Barbie cake! Karen got one of those when we were little and I remember how cool it was - and very girlie!!