Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Birthday

So my Birthday was also Darwin's first day of work in Lakeview. I was stressed out because he was leaving and I was worried about him traveling and then there was the fact that he was still homeless. We woke up around 5 to get him ready and out the door. I cried of course, that is one of the things I do best. Then decided to open my card from my family, bad idea more crying insued as I read the comments of we love and are so proud of you... Then decided to check my email, harmeless right? Wrong, First email I read was from my Dad, water works again....I should have prepared myself better emotionally that I would be a wreck. Now you might be thinking come on now, really it is only during the weekdays and you get to see him on the weekends....But here is the simple facts, Darwin and I have been married for almost 7 years of those seven years we have only been away from each other 3 times(other than a night here or there while in the hospital) and each time was for no longer than a weekend. Plus, Hello, I have four kids under the age of five that now during the week I am a single mom to! AGHHHHHH! 
Anyhow, so the day wasn't really the best but that evening my dear friend Michelle and her wonderful husband Ryan and Emery's finance Brigham came and brought me dinner! It was so wonderful! She even brought me a present! Now Michelle is the best and so very thoughtful. I LOVE the Pioneer Woman( a blogger, cookbook writer woman extrodinare etc...) I think I love her so much because she is city girl like in the middle of NO WHERE and makes the most out of it. anyhow, Michelle bought me her cookbook, yipee! But then as I open the front cover I find this... don't mind me in the picture I look awful, no makeup and really tired... 

oh that's right it is Birthday card to me! signed by the one and only Pioneer Woman!! Oh my goodness! So exciting to know that my name was written by her hand! So amazing!
Overall it was a decent day, would have been better if I could have been with my hubby but oh well.


  1. Way cool - I'm jealous! I hope you had a great birthday. Too bad you're moving in the wrong direction. You're supposed to be moving CLOSER to Portland!

  2. How nice to have good friends who not only do the obvious "nice" thing, but also make the effort to do something that is especially meaningful for you! With friends like that I think you'll survive your time alone much better than you think.

  3. Shelene gave me the Pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas last year & I've been a big PW fan ever since! There's some great recipes in there.