Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ughhh, the new school year has started and that means soccer is in full force. Just two and a half weeks in and I'm ready to be done.... Getting home at 6:30 monday- friday pretty much leaves our meals non-existent during the week at least. So I really haven't been cooking much... sad day I know! However, Darwin is gone this whole week, one more excuse not to cook but I wanted to post something and of course it has to do with cooking....

It is a kitchen aid Redo:

here is a link to the tutorial I used, it was super easy and looks great. I LOVE my kitchen aid but after almost nine years of heavy use, it was sad looking, drap and man oh man was it gross! It worked out nicely because it had to get a good deep cleanng before it could be painted. Anyhow, no pictures sadly, but the tutorial has some and Mine went from white to black only I didn't stencil it.
 Have fun Spraying!

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