Monday, June 6, 2011

Lack of cooking...Sorry

I've hit another slump in my cooking this time due to...moving AGH!! I hate packing and is such a pain! It seems as though I pack a box turn around and when I come back to that box seconds later the kids have unpacked it... We have to be out of our house this weekend, but still don't have a place in Lakeview so...we are moving into our shop, which is 800 square feet and we just finished it into an apartment. It looks amazing and too bad we are moving and don't get to enjoy it as we originally planned. Oh well it is finally done, and provides me and the kids a place to live for the time being and should really help sell our house!! So most likely NO real cooking will happen this week. We are hoping to get into our rental home in Lakeview sometime in July. We also found out that baby number five is....a BOY! When Emery was born I joked around saying good luck to any boy that ever wants to date her between 3 older brothers and her with this baby also being a boy I now say good luck to any boy that just wants to look at her! Oh well. We are thinking of naming him Carter Steven, and yes we know that the ER ending with all of our boys is confusing and we really don't do it on purpose, it just so happens that ALL of the boy names we like end in ER, I haven't found one that doesn't that I would even sorry if we confuse you all,  I figure I was called my siblings names all the time growing up and our names were nothing close to each other so really what's the big deal ;) Anyhow. Carter Comes from Church history and Darwin's side of the family and of course the Steven is for my wonderful father who has taught me so much and is such a wonderful example to me. I pray that this little boy will look to his namesakes for examples and guidance. Anyhow, I have to go pack some more....

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