Saturday, February 12, 2011

The wedding cake..

Today was the day of the wedding...It did not start off well. But I will get into that in a minute... First I want to show some pictures of the wedding. This is the reception area.. The camo theme was definately there and clear.                                                                      
 The center pieves were antlers with balloons tied to them and battery operated candles covered in duct tape..oh and the table cloths, plates and napkins were all camo..
 Here is part of the cake the branch in the middle.
 The food line... yes the walls are covered in brown paper, then a deer head and a few bow and arrows make it complete.
 Now for the cake drama.. Orginally I was going to marble the fondant, I made all my fondant the day ahead and this morning when I woke up my fondant was not my friend. I don't know what happened, a combo of dry air and the coloring or something but it was just falling apart. After a few tears I devised a new plan.. I would cover the cakes in white fondant then airbrush it. It turned out pretty good. My dear friend Michelle was a life saver on this cake as she made ALL of my chocolate leaves! I'm gonna owe her a fabulous dinner and dessert for all her hard work. But I think she had fun on our 'adventure into the outdoors'
I'm glad it is done and over with and hopefully they are happy with it....if not oh well it is too late to change now!


  1. Great job on the cake, it looks fabulous. HOWEVER, that is the butt-ugliest wedding reception I have ever seen! No offense, of course :-) Congrats on the new job, etc. Too bad you're moving even farther away from Portland!

  2. now I am curious about the couple that would choose this theme for a wedding! Are they LDS? Is she a hunter, too? Were the wall decorations from their own hunts? You did a great job on the cake-MS Creative!

  3. The cake looked great. I'm taking a cake decorating class next month that I'm pretty excited about. Good luck with the move.

  4. Where did you buy your plates, napkins & glasses at? I need large quantities but can only find small count packages of them.

  5. I didn't purchase those I just provided the cake.